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WordPress site for the client who provides personal courses about diplomacy

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Aug 18 - Sep 18

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Software Developer

Diplomatic Academy is a company providing accredited courses by Czech ministries on diplomacy. Client asked us to create a new fresh website with the good looking and professional design. In KOALA42 we decided to migrate the current website from Drupal to the most popular CMS out there - WordPress.

To save time and money the front-end was built using Webflow. After several weeks of designing the application in Webflow I received the HTML & CSS output from colleagues. With that output I started building the WordPress theme from scratch. Final theme uses Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) & custom post types for storing data about all teachers.

During that process we have created a wordpress-to-webflow plugin which can convert the Webflow menu to the wordpress menu for your. It is available for free of charge on GitHub.

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