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I love building projects and writing about what I learn and do. This website is my personal digital garden — a place where you can find my notes, thoughts and tutorials on topics like web, design, and more.

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Rate My Meal

Mar 22 - Apr 22

Serverless web application allowing users to rate their meals. Built with ReactJS, ExpressJS, DynamoDB and hosted on AWS.

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React Movie App

Dec 21 - Jan 22

React application displaying data from the movie database (TMDB) API. Worked in 2 members team. I contributed as a UX designer and software developer.

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Barum Czech Rally Zlin

Jul 21 - Aug 21

Online web map that shows speed tests, spectator places and other points of interest. I was in a role of a software developer who was responsible for the development of the final product.

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Diplomatic Academy

Aug 18 - Sep 18

WordPress site for the client who provides personal courses. My role as a WordPress developer was to create a custom theme based on a given design.

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