Hey, I'm Adam

Software & technology enthusiast who builds for the web

I'm passionate about web and technology in general. In 2015 I was introduced to HTML, CSS & JavaScript and I immediately fell in love.

I've been helping various clients in the online world for over 4 years. Designing, building websites and small applications as well as communication were parts of my routine alongside with studying at university.

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Barum Czech Rally Map

🗺️ Map

Online web map that shows speed tests, spectator places and other points of interest. I was in a role of a software engineer who was responsible for developing final product and delivering it to the customer. The website hit over 60,000 views in the first season.

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Picture of Barum Czech Rally Online Map

Salon Khaleesi

💄 Beauty Salon

Salon Khaleesi is a cosmetic saloon providing various services like massage, manicure, pedicure, etc. I was responsible for the entire project - from communication with client to building the website. It runs on WordPress allowing client to publish news.

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Picture of Salon Khaleesi's website

Diplomatic Academy

📖 Courses

Diplomatic Academy is a company which provides personal courses oriented on diplomacy. Website was build by KOALA42 company. I was in the role of WordPress developer who was responsible for creating custom theme based on a given design.

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Picture of Diplomatic Academy's website


I'm Adam Hemzal, software & technology enthusiast who loves building for the web. I'm a fresh graduate (2020) with a master's degree from Faculty of Informatics and Statistics at University of Economics in Prague.

I'm a person who likes to learn new things every day, especially in technology, psychology and business field. I believe that the key to successful project is in communication, team work and openness.

For more information about my skills and career you can check my CV, LinkedIn, GitHub or my portfolio.

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Filip Molčík


Adam is a very hardworking person. Thanks to his friendly and professional approach to work, the cooperation was interesting for us.

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Do you like my work? I enjoy discussing new ideas and challenges. I'm currently AVAILABLE for new projects or full-time job offers! If you are interested in my work, you can contact me via email or reach me at LinkedIn. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!